Bright Spots and Progress

Most reported at least a decent quality of health and have health insurance.

  • 96.1% reported their health as fair or better.
  • 3 in 4 reported their health as good or better.
  • 94.1% reported being HIV negative, including nearly 99% of respondents under 30.
  • Nearly 90% of all respondents who reported living with HIV also reported receiving health care related to HIV within the past 12 months.
  • The medically uninsured rate among respondents is low (8.6%) and comparable to the national rate (8.8%). The rate reported in this study is 10.4% lower than the rate reported in the 2005 study.


There are concerns with respect to aspects of physical health among SGM respondents and access to healthcare.

  • One-third reported having a serious health issue, including nearly 70% of respondents aged 70 and over.
  • Although the overall medically uninsured rate is low in this sample (8.6%), the rate remains high among Latinx (26.1%) and Black/African American (21.1%) respondents.
  • 1 in 4 report not having a primary care provider, including 34.8% of Latinx and 30% of American Indian respondents. Of those without a primary care provider, 27.8% report that they do not seek healthcare because they can’t afford it.
  • Nearly two-thirds of SGM participants reported at least one of the listed negative experience with their health care provider in the past 3 years.
  • One-quarter of gender minority adults who requested gender affirming treatment and procedures reported being denied by their insurance providers.

Additional Data

Medical Health Characteristics

Self-rated quality of healthFrequencyPercent
Very good22127.1%
Serious health issues [1]FrequencyPercent
Other health issues10940.8%
Blood pressure issues8431.5%
Diabetic conditions5119.1%
Heart conditions3312.4%
Autoimmune disorders166.0%
Arthritic conditions145.2%
Obesity/weight issues83.0%
Cholesterol issues72.6%
Chronic pain72.6%
HIV StatusFrequencyPercent
No, not positive77094.10%
Yes, positive455.50%
Prefer not to say30.40%
Currently taking hormones [2]FrequencyPercent
No, not currently taking hormones11665.9%
Yes, I only go to licensed professionals5531.3%
Yes, in addition to licensed professionals, I also get hormones from friends, online, or other non-licensed professionals42.3%
Yes, I only get hormones from friends, online, or other non-licensed sources10.6%
[1] Specific conditions reflect most commonly reported health issues among the text-entry responses.
[2] This question only displayed for individuals who did not report being cisgender.
of respondents aged 70 and over reported having a serious health issue
report that they do not seek healthcare because they can't afford it